End of Movember 2012

Story Highlights:

  • Reflection
  • What is next?
  • How should you shave Dec 1st?

As we near the end of this most glorious 2012 Movember let us reflect on some of the amazing people we got to meet during this month. Mustache Pete holding his mustache for ransom and he said, “If I don’t not raise $1,000 dollars by the end of the month then i’m going to shave my mustache off, which would suck.” Gentlemen like Cooper who grew his mustache for a professional career, Mustache Josh being a straight boss and good old Dominic winning the best mustache at Cal Poly that a man can grow in a month. They each taught us something… That ball cancer sucks. These men are sacrificing their upper lip to spread a message worth spreading.

 “Sometimes we just got to swallow our pride as dudes and just go to a doctor and ask him, hey man can you check out my balls?” – Robby Sanchez, senior food science major.

This growth for awareness and support has been shown worldwide by the leaderboards on Movember’s website. All around the world with over a million groups and individuals registered together have raised exactly $91,478,470 dollars for prostate/testicular cancer research and foundations setup to help those families affected. Not only are those men and women making a difference day in and day out you as some dude in San Luis Obispo only getting a donation maybe from your mother is still contributing the cause and that deserves a thank you.

Enough sappiness… There is a couple questions left unanswered and that is what is next and what now do I do with my mustache after November 30? Well fear not, with some very elite googling, facebooking, typing on a computer, and obviously some internet I developed a list of resources for you to peruse and click on to ease your end of Movember anxiety.


The Woman’s Opinion

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  • The question of questions
  • Video interviews
  • Whats the answer?

As we near the middle of Movember there has been an uprise of women’s opinions about mustaches. Questions such as: Why, what is that, and don’t you have a job? Day in and day out women are constantly discriminating men’s mustaches. Who are these women and what exactly is there opinion about facial hair and more specifically the mustache?

So there you have it, what some college women think about the mustache. Yet, where does that leave us? What can we do to help change their opinions? How can we inspire people more specifically women about the stache?

Groups such as The Whiskerinas, Asylum, and Your Tango are all helping advocate for men who have that upper lip facial hair. Here at Cal Poly we have the Gender Equity Center putting on a All Cal Poly Movember Mustache Competition as well as promoting the mustache on their Facebook and around campus. So get out there and prove these women wrong and promote mustaches. Fight against ball cancer, do your part as an American citizen, grow a mustache, and if you can’t at least give props to those who can.

Mustache SLO Vote

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  • Vote where you see Mustaches!
  • Inspiration
  • Mustached People

As I was interviewing people downtown about their Mustaches I learned that everyone has their own spot downtown. Then suddenly I thought to myself why not create an interactive map that allows everyone to vote where they think mustached people are really are or are they are spread out?

The No Shaving of November

Story Highlights:

  • What Happens in November?
  • Insight?
  • Funny Video

As November approaches right around the corner there comes the time where men grow their mustaches for Movember. A month of spreading awareness for men’s health issues, particularly prostate cancer or for some it’s roommates having a competition of who can grow the most facial hair in a month. This blog post is to update you on what both are all about and go over some ground rules.

No Shave November Rules

  1. Clean shaven on October 31st
  2. No trimming. plucking, or any hair removal of any type
  3. November 30th compare lengths and then proceed to cut it down in ridiculous manors

This competition is for men and women and really has no cause behind it. Just a fun roommate experience where you will simply see who is the bigger man in the house. “I do it with my roommates because I can not grow facial hair,” said sophomore, biological science, George Kalu. “So it fills this gap I have in my life when I get to experience no shave november with my roommates.”

sophomore, biological sciences, George Kalu

During this month there will be some who will be frustrated with amount of facial hair that is grown. Some are girlfriends, some bosses and coworkers, or some of your good friends. I decided to stop one of my good friends and ask her how she feels about this month and the mustache.

“Men grow facial hair just to impress other men and would never date someone with a beard or a mustache.” junior, agricultural sciences major, Tatiana Prestininzi

There is wide variety of acceptance amongst women about facial hair that I have noticed while interviewing them for this blog. In the next couple of weeks I will be taking a poll of what their real thoughts are about facial hair. Tatiana does make a great point about men just impressing other dudes, but what about the whole Movember cause?

Movember Rules

  1. Register on Movember’s Website
  2. Set a goal for how much money you want to raise for the cause
  3. Start clean shaven on Movember 1st
  4. Have the entire month to procure their mustache
  5. All while spreading the good word and trying to reach their goal
  6. Movember 30th find a costume that best fits your mustache
  7. Attend a Movember Gala Party to compete for the Man of Movember
  8. December 1st decide to keep or murder your facial hair

Sport stars, educated people, movie stars, rock stars, and wrestlers all have one thing in common, the mustache. Starting November 1st men all over the world will combine the word mustache and November to create, “Movember.”

Spreading the word about prostate and testicular cancer for some people take it very seriously. “One out of six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime” said, senior, journalism major, Esteban Yanez. Who is actually shaving his beard off to raise a thousand dollars for this Movember. “I’m kinda worried that I won’t be able to grow a good enough mustache by the end of the month, but at least I know I am doing it for a good cause.” Esteban is absolutely right and helping to change the face of men’s health.

senior, journalism major, Esteban Yanez

“This entire month I will be asking for donations to help support the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the LIVESTRONG Foundation,” said, Esteban. The funds being raised will be used to fund research for better treatments and find a cure for prostate cancer as well as help support young adults with cancer by also funding the Livestrong Young Adult Alliance.

Activists and mustache enthusiasts interested in participating can register to help bring awareness to men’s health issues at the official Movember website. In 2011, the United States Movember campaign managed to raise $15 million, according to the Movember site. 82.3 percent of those funds went to men’s health programs, with the remaining 17.7 percent going to funding costs, admissions costs and retaining funds.

Every mustache makes a difference and this year, Nick Offerman, best known as Ron Swanson on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” has released a public service announcement-type video on how to grow a manly stache for MadeMan.com. It made me laugh and I hope it does the same for you!

The Northern Adventure

Story Highlights:

Just at the beginning of last week my buddy texts me and invites me to come all the way up to Chico, Calif. for the Reel Big Fish concert with Less Than Jake. At first I had second thoughts, but then realized when do I ever get to venture up north? I could take advantage of this trip and continue my search for the mustache.

Even though my blog is called “Mustache SLO” I still feel that it is vital to have some outside perspective to reduce bias of course. My first outsider looking in was none other than the mustache man himself my pops, who attended Cal Poly back in the day.

“There was no internet, laptop computers, or twatting (whatever that bird thing is). We had the tractor pulls at Poly Royal and huge mustaches were just a everyday thing.” – my pops, Bill Doty

This began me to start thinking about college towns and if mustaches are just a common occurrence among young adults in their 20s. Yet I was to be proven wrong as I traveled further north to Chico, Calif.

Maybe I wasn’t there long enough, but it seemed to me to be impossible to find a good mustache in town. Fortunately I got some “Bro Time” while watching the football game Stanford vs Norte Dame. At the same time got a good workout with a dumbbell and some advice about growing facial hair.

“I believe it is all about working out, building that testosterone, and just channeling your inner manness.” – chico state junior, agriculture education major, Issac Valencia

It wasn’t until at the concert that I actually spotted two mustaches on stage. Flatfoot 56 were one the bands opening up that night and after they played I met the bass player Kyle Bawinkel and the guy who can shred on a mandolin Brandon Good. I went up to them to take a picture of their facial, told them I was doing a blog on mustaches and that they are the only ones I found this weekend.

“We are actually from Chicago and if you didn’t know, that is one of the most mustache friendly cities in the US.” – Flatfoot 56 bass player, Kyle Bawinkel (right)

To Kyle’s surprise I did know from reading an article on a website which coincidentally is one of my resources, American Mustache Institute. However, that is besides that fact that I could not find any mustaches in Chico, Calif. while I was there. Maybe I was not looking hard enough or it was just because was only there for a couple days we will never know. For now I will stick with keeping it local and continue the hunt.

Mustache Pete

I got tired of purchasing my own wax and my uncle is a bee keeper, so I started to make my own… The Grandad Wax has the scent of pipe tobacco and a shot of bourbon, I also make a peppermint one and sell them now. – Mustache Pete

One of the very first people I met when I moved to San Luis Obispo  a few years ago was Mustache Pete. He was giving me advice on what computer to get for video editing. Of all the things to start with on this blog I thought why not start it with him. On his website you can check out current news about himself, see his artwork, and discover what he is all about. Also awhile back one of my friends who helped film this video produced a mustache culture video that I recommend you check out.

When I put together the mustache culture video with Pete it is exactly what I originally thought how Pete started his day off before I got to know him. – Jason Kaiser

This video was shot right after work one day on top of the parking garage off Marsh. The background audio were from my awesome roommates who sat down with me a just jammed out as I recorded them. We even made a custom “Mustache SLO Song” which hopefully you will see in the future. Enjoy the video and get ready for more to come!

I hope to start a local beard club here in San Luis Obispo and start meeting some great people with some great mustaches. – Mustache Pete